Growth strategy

‘The work your facilitators put in during the planning phase was instrumental for the success of our consultations’

Some organisations are looking for a new way to create growth strategies that is quick and cost effective. We have created a method that enables senior teams to build a compelling growth aspiration, and a targeted portfolio of growth opportunities and implementation plan, in an intensive workshop format. The process is robust and the results have been excellent.


Financial services


Facilitate two management team workshops to develop an integrated growth strategy for the next five years

Workshop details

We facilitated two workshops with the management team and one intensive problem-solving session with the client’s growth team to develop a comprehensive growth strategy with broad stakeholder engagement

Workshop one – three hour management team workshop to refresh the high-level growth strategy, with a clear connection to the overall strategy

Inputs to the workshop (we assisted the client in preparing these documents)

  • A comprehensive growth review document including structured frameworks and updated/revised growth models

Workshop agenda items

  1. Discuss outcomes of growth review document, including current growth trajectory, activities and aspiration
  2. Define growth strategy, including responsibilities and capability required
  3. Discuss and agree growth options decision framework
  4. Identify potential growth opportunities

Intensive problem solving session

Following workshop one, we worked closely with the fund’s growth team, including a three-hour intensive problem-solving session, to develop a fact base drawing insights for granular opportunity sizing and review of current resource allocation (e.g. people, sponsorships)

Workshop two – half day workshop with the management team to prioritise merger and significant organic growth options and refine the growth roadmap for the next five years

With the fact base as input, the management team workshop incorporated the following agenda items

  1. Present fact base on the different growth options
  2. Discuss and prioritise inorganic and organic growth options
  3. Refine the growth roadmap for the next five years
  4. Confirm next steps and allocate responsibilities

Outcomes of these workshops

  • A high-level growth strategy with a clear connection to the overall strategy
  • Prioritised growth options
  • A refined growth roadmap for the next five years