Innovation workshops 

At Strategic Facilitators we love to help organisations build or extend their innovation agenda. We have been working with clients using different innovation processes and methodologies as the basis for encouraging new, transformative thinking and building a culture of innovation at organisations and within teams.

Our innovation workshops are a great way to kick off a renewed focus for innovation and provide teams with an opportunity to participate, learn and co-develop high impact outcomes.

We will work with your team to:

  • Bring participants closer to customers and their evolving preferences by interrogating ways to better satisfy future customer needs
  • Identify operating inefficiencies and determine what changes and new ideas will make a material impact to achieving the future goals of the organisation
  • Provide context and a sense of ownership to workshop attendees likely to be involved in implementing the identified solution/s

What we will do:

  • We provide relevant stimulus to encourage teams to engage with a challenge from different perspectives and extend the best internal thinking
  • We create an environment that encourage teams (cross-functional, all staff or selected team members) to purposefully contribute to generating new ideas – for new products, services, or delivery methods
  • Our structured ideation methods, developed over many years, encourage divergent thinking leading to innovative, considered solutions

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Indicative workshop agenda example 1

Session 1:   Identify a long list of growth ideas based on best current thinking

Session 2:   Extend current thinking using a structured ‘ideation’ framework that pushes divergent thinking

Session 3:   Evaluate and prioritise ideas to create a short list

Session 4:   Develop a plan for each shortlisted idea that considers the value proposition for the organisation and its customers; capabilities and resources required deliver the idea; timeframes, milestones and key deliverables

Session 5:   Determine implementation plan/s or ‘go to market’ approach

Indicative workshop agenda example 2

Session 1:   What is innovation?

Session 2:   What does ‘being innovative’ mean for our organisation?

Session 3:   What are the megatrends (or key external forces) that will impact our business in the future and what does this mean for what we need to do today?

Session 4:   How do we foster a culture of innovation in our organisation?

Session 5:   Evaluate and prioritise ideas to create focus

‘I have never seen a process that picks brains so efficiently.’

Executive, Global manufacturer

Sound fun?

It really is!

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