Partnership Alignment

‘The workshop structure was well done and we got some key deliverables out of the morning.’


Financial services


To improve the relationship between the client and one of their partner service providers, by building on the current relationship and identifying opportunities for collaboration

Workshop details

We facilitated two workshops with this organisation and their partner company

Workshop one – initial full day workshop to identify opportunities for collaborative improvement and develop the partnership alliance strategy

Inputs to the workshop

  • Conducted meetings with representatives from both organisations to develop an agenda and discuss what was working and what was not
  • Interviewed and engaged both parties to ascertain a holistic view of the relationship before entering the workshop setting

Workshop agenda items

  • Present each team’s strategy
  • Discuss current state of partnership and synthesis from interviews
  • Develop 2-3 fundamental goals and strategy map for the alliance (framework adapted from Kaplan, Norton & Rugelsjoen 2010)
  • Identify workstreams to progress goals and delivery timelines
  • Identify next steps and responsibilities

Workshop two – second full day workshop to confirm outcomes from workshop one, agree accountabilities and establish a scorecard to evaluate success

Workshop agenda items

  • Confirm outcomes from workshop one
  • Agree accountabilities for each organisation
  • Establish a scorecard to evaluate success, including an ongoing process for measurement, monitoring and review of the partnership

Outcomes of the workshop

This partnership alliance work

  • Strengthened the relationship between the two organisations by building a shared understanding of each organisation’s strategy and values
    • Clarified how the partnership produced wins for each organisation and the joint value it creates
    • Established a set of strategic objectives to drive improvements in collaboration, customer service and operational excellence within the partnership – accelerating their speed to market
    • Developed a clear way forward through work plans associated with each strategic objective
    • Formalised a governance structure that encouraged regular and open communication to assist in the ongoing management of the partnership

Source: Adapted from Kaplan, R., Norton, D & Rugelsjoen, B 2010, Managing Alliances with the Balanced Scorecard, Harvard Business Review Jan-Feb 2010, <>.