Strategic Planning

‘Today was the best planning workshop I have participated in in my career.’


A prominent global investor initiative affiliated with the UN


Coordinate and facilitate a review of the former strategic plan and develop a strategic plan for 2015-18.

The client was satisfied with its current mission and long-term aspirations so they asked us for assistance to develop their three year game plan – specifically a strategy statement, strategy map and key initiatives.

Workshop details

Workshops one – Facilitation of a two day staff workshop to review the previous strategic plan

Inputs to the workshops (we assisted the client in preparing these documents)

  • An analysis pack including a review of progress and achievements under the 2012-15 strategic plan and answers to key strategic questions
  • Presentation materials for the workshop, including presentation packs, posters, session templates and outcomes packs developed by our internal design and production team

Workshop agenda items

  • Discuss overall achievements, challenges and missed opportunities under the 2012-15 strategic plan, including team contributions
  • Identify opportunities for the next three years and define the organisation’s scope, objective, advantage and response to markets
  • Identify strategic options

Workshops two – Facilitation of a one day executive team workshop to develop a draft strategic plan for 2015-18

Workshop agenda items

  • Articulate the organisation’s game plan for the next three years
  • Develop a strategy map outlining the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Agree key measures of success for the new strategic plan
  • Identify strategic initiatives over a three year horizon
  • Confirm next steps for implementing the strategic plan, including a process for measurement, monitoring and review

Outcomes of these workshops

  • Review of progress under the previous strategic plan
  • Draft strategic plan, including a strategy statement, strategy map, key measures of success and strategic initiatives staggered over a three year horizon
  • Next steps for implementation of the new strategic plan, including a process for measurement, monitoring and review

Strategy framework used during this workshop (adapted from Kaplan, R & Norton, D 2004, Strategy Maps, Harvard Business Press, United States.)