We love what we do, and it shows – almost all of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. Here’s what some of them have to say:

‘I just wanted to say thanks for everything today – it was really a fantastic workshop and we achieved so much (especially given the diverse topics that we covered).’

CEO, Healthcare peak body

‘Our facilitator was wonderful! She took the Leadership Team on in a very difficult time and turned the team around and their thinking. We’re hoping to keep the momentum going.’


‘Your team did a fantastic job of helping us develop our strategic plan for the next three years. We have a diverse group of stakeholders but you were able to navigate through the myriad of ideas and steer us to developing a strategy that we all feel a part owner of and ultimately are happy to work towards. We really appreciated all the time and effort they put in on the day and the professionalism they showed us at every stage.’


‘Your team’s skill in facilitating and ability to quickly get across key issues were invaluable. The work your team put in during the planning phase was instrumental for the success of our consultations.’

Project Manager, State Government department

‘Today was the best planning workshop I have participated in in my career.’

Manager, Sporting governing body

Your team were good and delivered on everything they said they would do. The workshop structure was well done and we got some key deliverables out of the morning. Your team were well spoken and handled the room well. They grasped the solutions concept well and didn’t seem like random facilitators that had no idea about white pages and its challenges.’

Executive, Sensis

We believe the last days have been very productive and this is mainly because (of) your steering (of) our discussions.’

Chair, UN Initiative

‘Thank you once again for your quality moderation and structuring of our Exec strategy day. Your involvement brought another level of rigour and maturity to our planning process and put us in great shape.’

Financial Services Executive

‘Much of the success was predicated on your outstanding facilitation skills, your vision for the roundtable and your generosity of spirit.’

CEO, peak body

‘I especially appreciated the guidance of Marc Levy, whose planning, engagement and facilitation on the day was a cornerstone of workshops success.’

General Manager, state government

‘I would just like to convey my thanks and appreciation for your contribution and facilitation of our strategic offsite; it was a very constructive and positive two days and really energised those in attendance.’

Healthcare COO

‘Well done on really snappy, upbeat facilitation. I was really impressed with the quality of the day, the visual materials and the way staff engaged with the activities, so big congrats.’

Senior leader, Australian Government research body

‘I thought we tackled a lot in a timely manner and really shifted things around, setting a vision and some clear goals from which to solidify our group.’ 

Manager, Sporting peak body

‘Certainly the feel and pace has distinctly changed and cranked up since the workshop now there are goals and strategies in place and there is more unity and clarity of direction which were not there before. Without a doubt the workshop had the desired effect of setting the organisation alight and I believe we are certainly determined to hit the target for this year one way or another.’

Not for profit organisation, Board member

‘I thought Zoe and the team were excellent from beginning to end. They were particularly effective at the start helping me decide the process we needed to run.’

Telecommunication company CFO

‘Now I can really appreciate the value of an external facilitator.’

Company CEO

‘All your hard work and preparation meant we were able to cover such a lot of ground. You were a terrific team to work with – so many thanks.’

Not-for-profit CEO

‘Your quality moderation and structuring of our Exec strategy day … brought another level of rigour and maturity to our planning process and put us in great shape.’

Financial Services Executive