Facilitation services

We are expert, results-oriented facilitators, with deep experience in strategy and planning workshops. Our facilitators have worked with over 1000 Board and Executive Teams on a wide range of strategic issues. 

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At Strategic Facilitators we are often asked about our definition of strategy, and in particular about the difference between setting a strategic direction and strategic planning. Watch this short video to learn about our approach.

‘Certainly the feel and pace has distinctly changed and cranked up since the workshop now there are goals and strategies in place and there is more unity and clarity of direction which were not there before. Without a doubt the workshop had the desired effect of setting the organisation alight and I believe we are certainly determined to hit the target for this year one way or another. ‘

Not for profit organisation, Board member

Our approach

Our expert strategy consultants and workshop facilitators help our clients get dramatically improved outcomes from their strategy and planning workshops through:

Deep preparation

Our facilitators work closely with clients to help them clarify the results they want from their workshop or offsite; undertake robust analyses to understand the internal and external factors effecting them; translate these analyses into insights used in developing relevant agenda and session plans that aim to engage and challenge participants; and prepare visually engaging pre-reading and presentation materials.

Expert workshop facilitation

Our highly experienced workshop facilitators guide participants through a series of intensive, innovative, and participatory exercises which foster creativity, motivation, and a shared commitment to results. We use high-quality, tailored presentation materials and aids to stimulate and guide discussion, and pride ourselves on delivering concrete outcomes through the use of evidence-based decision-making and facilitation techniques.

Action ready documentation

Our workshop facilitation style assists our clients to turn their workshop discussions into action plans by documenting outcomes, developing implementation plans, and designing measurement and monitoring tools to keep your team on track.

‘Your team did a fantastic job of helping us develop our strategic plan for the next three years. We have a diverse group of stakeholders but you were able to navigate through the myriad of ideas and steer us to developing a strategy that we all feel a part owner of and ultimately are happy to work towards. We really appreciated all the time and effort they put in on the day and the professionalism they showed us at every stage.’


Click here for a snapshot of some of our recent work.  Get in touch today for a quote.

Our results

The data driven results below are aggregated polls taken at the START and END of most of our workshops. While the content of the poll depends on the workshop, the large volume of people attending the workshops we facilitate enables us to isolate hundreds of responses to some questions and at least scores for others.

So don’t risk it! To get the most out of your workshop contact us to discover how using a strategy consultant with years of experience, great ideas and proven methods, is the best choice, no regrets move, for a facilitation partner.

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