Abhishek Chhikara – Facilitator

Abhishek is a senior associate and facilitator with Strategic Facilitators with strong quantitative and analytical skills. He has a particular interest in helping clients translate their strategy into financial performance. He has demonstrated creative problem solving skills and an ability to communicate complex ideas to clients effectively.

In the last year, Abhishek has worked on projects involving:

  • Strategy and planning: Helping a large non-profit financial services organisation to refresh its long-term strategy. Co-developing measurement, monitoring and review processes for a prominent Victorian non-profit organisation. Assisting a financial services organisation to cascade their strategy throughout the organisation.
  • Senior team workshops: Planning and co-facilitating a series of executive team workshops for a financial services organisation. Planning and assisting with board and executive team workshops in the banking, superannuation, healthcare and energy services sectors.
  • Growth strategy: Working with a non-profit disability employment service provider to develop a growth strategy and business plan. Working with a client team to develop a growth and implementation strategy for a new business. Helping a client team to identify and prioritise potential opportunities for inorganic growth through mergers and partnerships.
  • Industry and competitor analyses: Developing financial models to assist a client with its pricing strategy. Helping a large government business to develop industry-specific reports. Conducting industry analyses to help clients understand the changing environment and the implications for their organisations.

Abhishek holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Monash University with First Class honours.