Andy Baker – Senior Facilitator

As the youngest of five brothers, Andy learned the art of persuasion early. He still relies on this skill, although these days it’s mostly to earn a living rather than to avoid ending up on under a pile of his siblings. In any event, Andy’s early years have instilled in him a relentless drive to challenge groups to produce realistic and actionable results.

After 15 years consulting to corporates, SMEs and non-profits with a focus on strategy development, large projects, and consumer research, Andy has a confident and forthright facilitation style and is known among his colleagues for his thoughtful preparation, credibility with senior teams, and strong quantitative skills. Andy isn’t afraid of conflict when it’s necessary to produce results, as demonstrated by his readiness to recently confront a distinguished board of ex-premiers and government ministers on their need to take action on the issues impacting their sector.

Before management consulting Andy trained as an invertebrate zoologist, but decided a career studying spineless animals wasn’t for him so went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Modern Languages (Indonesian) from the University of Melbourne.

Andy is passionate about environmental sustainability, and in his ‘spare time’ runs a market-leading consumer research survey that collects and publishes data on consumer and social trends relating to sustainability, natural health and wellness. When he’s not challenging boardrooms or saving the environment, Andy loves to spend time with his partner and three boys.