Marc Levy – Founder, Director and Senior Facilitator

With more than 500 Board and executive team strategy workshops and two decades of management consulting under his belt, Marc has seen pretty much anything that can happen when a room full of smart people grapple with the challenges facing their organisation.

Marc’s areas of speciality and examples of client experience include:

  • Strategy and planning: Running a third consecutive strategic planning process for one of Australia’s largest super funds. Leading processes to cascade corporate strategies, initiatives and metrics through to business and divisional plans and individuals’ performance development plans for industry associations, healthcare clients and super funds.
  • Vision and purpose: Assisting clients in professional services, financial services, consumer and industrial products, and the social sector to create galvanising company statements that provide context for strategic decision making and act as a rallying point for employees.
  • Growth: Leading projects centred on growth options evaluation, marketing spend effectiveness, merger candidate qualification, new product and market feasibility, and brand strategy.
  • Organisation: Working with clients on agile strategy, agile resourcing and agile ways of working, with a particular focus on resource allocation effectiveness and financial budgeting. Helping clients to align their organisation structures and operating rhythms to their strategies.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Moderating highly inclusive stakeholder engagement processes in the local government, aged care and superannuation sectors.

Clients have described Marc’s style as ‘facilitation with an edge’ because of his ability to stimulate and maintain high levels of participant engagement while discussing complex and often contentious issues. By focusing on results, listening hard, and synthesising and shaping content on his feet, Marc is able to move participants through an enormous amount of content in a relatively short period of time, and leave groups feeling confident and empowered as they see their contributions turned into actionable next steps.

Colleagues know Marc for his deep pre-workshop preparation, his almost unnerving recall of strategy and management frameworks, and his ability to read the mood of a room and adjust his facilitation approach accordingly.

Marc has written more than 20 articles on topics relating to strategy and planning and facilitation and has a PhD from the University of Melbourne.

Marc likes seeing indie rock bands, watching the Demons in the AFL and reading and annotating books about mid-century Western political history.