Megan McLean – Facilitator

Megan has twenty-five years experience in facilitation, communication and stakeholder engagement spanning both corporate and not-for-profit settings, and is a practical and pragmatic facilitator with a focus on useful outputs that create value.

She has worked with clients facilitating strategic planning workshops, stakeholder engagement processes and community consultation programs.

Megan’s recent experience includes:

  • Stakeholder engagement and community consultation: Working with a state government agency to conduct a statewide stakeholder consultation program to develop a uniform campaign tackling Victoria’s recycling challenge; facilitating a series of workshops for a state government department as part of a wider inter-agency approach with an aim to improve the educational outcomes for vulnerable children.
  • Strategy and planning workshop facilitation: Facilitating a planning workshop for the divisional management team of a global catering company to agree areas of focus, goals and initiatives in a period of change; facilitating a planning workshop for the management group of a large Melbourne-based professional services firm to develop an action plan to increase employee engagement; working with the project team of a large Victorian infrastructure project to agree 12 month priorities and develop detailed operational plan for that period.
  • Team effectiveness and alignment: Working with a national sales team of an industry-leading manufacturer to distil customer service principles into daily behaviours guiding all customer interactions; working closely with a team from a large metropolitan council to connect the roles of team members to their purpose, including the development of goals, key initiatives and corresponding measures that will drive team’s success.

Megan has been described as a straight shooter who gets things done. Having owned businesses, worked for large corporate entities and consulted across a variety of sectors she brings a number of different perspectives. She also thinks there should be a few laughs along the way!

She is a communications coach who teaches individuals to connect authentically with their audience with the purpose of changing both hearts and minds. Holding a bachelor of arts in literature and professional writing, and a postgraduate certificate in journalism, she was also a founding member of the Family Advisory Council at the Royal Children’s Hospital – staying involved for a further four years.

Megan is a keen baker, pursuer of zero waste and runner of half marathons.

Portrait_Megan McLean_Grey background