Zoe Pappas – Senior Facilitator

As the eldest of four siblings and a mother to three young children, Zoe can corral the rowdiest of groups, but it is her ability to guide teams to quiet moments of insight and resolve that set her apart as an expert facilitator.

Clients describe Zoe as having a special knack for making workshop participants feel simultaneously relaxed and energised, a feat she achieves with methodical preparation, a carefully choreographed mix of content and activity, and an exceptional eye for detail. Zoe is in her facilitation element when ideas are flowing thick and fast, but she is also known for her ability to sense when a group is losing its focus and revamp the agenda to get participants back on track and achieving results.

Colleagues describe Zoe’s listening and observation skills as world class, even superhuman. If you’ve said it, Zoe has heard, remembered, and filed it away for later.

An excellent public speaker, Zoe has presented at a range of industry and peak body conferences, however her real training in presenting and facilitating stems from a previous life as an in-demand speaker on the 21st birthday party circuit. She has since backed that up with a commerce degree and a soon to be completed MBA, as well as 15 years experience in operational, management and consulting roles across industries as diverse as publishing, IT securities and marketing.

Zoe’s hectic schedule means her previous devotion to yoga, diving and travel are little more than a distant memory, but she still manages to indulge her love of singing through membership of the famous (or notorious) female pop choir ‘The Decibelles’. Her career as a solo wedding singer is still getting off the ground, but she’s confident it will improve once she extends her repertoire beyond Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Songbird’.