Professionals Australia

Professionals Australia is a network of 25,000 Australian professionals who work to ensure one another are respected, recognised, and rewarded for their work. Professionals Australia offers its members expert advice on their career paths, work rights and conditions, and pay entitlements, to create a better future for both individuals and their professions as a whole.

Professionals Australia engaged us to facilitate a strategic planning day for its Engineering Committee. During the planning day, we were able to help the Committee to define its purpose and strategic aspiration, and to align on the key goals, initiatives, and success measures which would help the Committee deliver more value to its members for the next three years. We conducted a survey with the Committee members both before and after the workshop which revealed a greater than 50% increase in alignment, clarity and focus with regards to the Engineering Committee’s strategic activities, which is a testament to the success of the Planning Day and our expertise in strategic workshop facilitation.

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