Strategic Facilitators is highly experienced in helping clients develop their corporate strategy in a workshop settings.

Most of the workshops we facilitate for Executive Teams and Boards relate to strategy development or planning. Our approach to strategy development can be broadly characterised as the following:

Develop a fact-base

We typically help our clients develop a fact-based analysis of their operating environments to inform strategy development. This may include analysis of ‘forces at work’ (or trends) impacting their industry, an assessment of the conduct and performance of the organisation compared with its rivals, and possible strategic options for the future.

Find ‘entry points’ to strategy

We try to help clients to find ‘entry points’ to strategy development. Strategic questions are common entry points (see link below). What is your galvanising aspiration? Where will you compete specifically? How will you be distinctive? What capabilities will you need to build? These are variations on strategic questions made famous by Canadian strategist Roger Martin.

Here it is important to distinguish between strategy development and strategic planning. If strategy development is the science and art of choosing distinctive competitive positions that create value, planning is the architecture that supports it – objectives and attendant measures, a compelling list of integrated supporting activities, and the cadence of measurement, monitoring and review.

US strategy academic Jeanne Liedtka refers to the former as disrupting alignment and the latter as creating alignment. These two disciplines work well together in a workshop.

Craft the agenda

With expert preparation and well thought out session planning, it is possible to complete the following sessions in a one day workshop:

  • AM1: present and discuss a data pack, to set up the discussion
  • AM2: challenge the group with strategic questions
  • PM1: discuss strategic objectives and corresponding measures
  • PM2: prioritise initiatives
  • PM3: agree actions and next steps arising from the workshop.

Facilitate the workshop

Our workshop facilitators help our clients get dramatically improved outcomes from their strategy and planning workshops through:

  • Deep preparation: Our facilitators work closely with clients to help them clarify the results they want from their workshop or offsite; develop an agenda and session plans to engage and challenge participants; plan logistics; and prepare visually engaging pre-reading and presentation materials.
  • Expert workshop facilitation: Our highly experienced workshop facilitators guide participants through a series of intensive, innovative, and participatory exercises which foster creativity, motivation, and a shared commitment to results. We use high-quality, tailored presentation materials and aids to stimulate and guide discussion, and pride ourselves on delivering concrete outcomes through the use of evidence-based decision-making and facilitation techniques.
  • Action-ready documentation: Our workshop facilitation style assists our clients to turn their workshop or offsite into action plans by documenting outcomes, developing implementation plans, and designing measurement and monitoring tools to keep your team on track.

Some of our clients




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Our team

  • Our team of facilitators are all experienced strategy consultants. We have more than 100 years of collective experience in workshop facilitation, strategic planning, and corporate strategy development.
  • We have facilitated more than 500 executive team and board workshops, strategy workshops, conferences, offsites, meetings and retreats.
  • Our workshop facilitators have all worked for top-tier management consulting firms, including McKinsey & Company, Booz & Company and Accenture, or been trained by people who have.

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