Working with government

We are pre-approved state and federal government suppliers

Strategic Facilitators (through parent company Right Lane) is proud to be appointed to the following state and federal government panels

Department of Treasury and Finance Professional Advisory Services (PAS) SPC 2020 Panel.

This involved a comprehensive selection process, meaning we have been ‘vetted’ and approved to provide similar strategy related projects to our state government and relevant bodies.

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Panel Provider under the Gender Equality Act.

We recognise the relationship between gender inequality and violence against women. In the delivery of our gender equality auditing, strategy and capability-building work, we draw from key policies, frameworks and research, including Free from Violence, Safe and Strong, Change the Story and Counting on Change.

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Federal Government panel for Digital Transformation Agency SON3413842.

This means we can be engaged directly for federal government jobs that are above the reporting threshold on AusTender.

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