Facilitation Tools

What does a facilitator do, really?

This charming illustrated video, developed by International Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIFAC), uses simple language and charming illustrations to explain just what we facilitators do! Get in touch to have a discussion about how we can help you reach your workshop objectives.  

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Need a workshop venue?

Our facilitators have had much experience with workshop venues over the years. Here is our list of our favourite Melbourne workshop venues and the best from around Victoria.

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The serendipities of workshops

At the end of our workshops, we frequently ask participants to share a reflection on the workshop and a parting thought for their colleagues. These comments (‘…that was the best conversation I’ve seen this board have in nine years in my role.’) are indicative of ‘side benefits’ of the workshops we facilitate; but I’m sure you’ll agree they are pretty substantive serendipities.

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