Partnership alignment: Harness the power of your business partners to get things done

November 27, 2020

A partnership alignment strategy uses independent facilitators to help organisations shift from managing through operational metrics and service level agreements, to focusing on strategy, commitment and results. It is a way of developing and managing far more effective partnerships, and in turn producing ‘wins’ for each organisation.

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5 Zoom tips to master professional workshop facilitation

August 17, 2020

Our process for virtual delivery includes preparing workshop participants on the content and technical aspects of virtual interaction and the different ways to ensure participants productively contribute to discussions. In this article we share our facilitators’ top tips on how to get the most from the online facilitation tool, Zoom!

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Run better virtual meetings by focusing on what (really) needs to be done

July 28, 2020

Virtual meetings have fast become our new normal; and while principles for running effective in-person meetings remain highly relevant, we need to adjust our approach and focus to get the most out of our virtual interactions.

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Remote yet accountable: How to create a culture of accountability while working remotely

June 15, 2020

We explore the necessary conditions for a culture of accountability and how to foster these conditions when working remotely by focusing on two factors: the right cadence and using the right digital tools.

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Making sense of COVID-19: Dynamic Pathway Planning

May 14, 2020

In this article, we apply our own Dynamic Pathway Planning methodology to illustrate its practical application for organisations seeking to make sense of COVID-19 and develop their medium-term COVID recovery plan.

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Getting maximum impact from your strategy workshops – Download our free guide

April 24, 2020

Our commitment to deep preparation, expert facilitation and outcomes orientation remains unchanged in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. That said, we have been turning our minds to key questions our clients are currently grappling with: ‘What does this mean for our strategy? What happens to our strategy offsites and other key workshop dates in the calendar?’
This collection of articles gives you an overview of the way our team of strategy experts approach strategy and strategic discussions.

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Remote workshop facilitation: Ten reasons to use an external facilitator

April 9, 2020

In the current remote working environment, orchestrating and participating in a remote workshop presents a unique challenge. Presenting content, moderating questions, paying attention to and responding to the chat function, and using technology effectively is difficult.
In this article we reprise our list of top ten reasons to use an external facilitator with a focus on remote (or digital) workshops and conversations.

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Five practices for conducting successful remote workshops

March 19, 2020

The current COVID-19 situation is first and foremost a health concern. We must keep our people and workplaces safe and reduce the risk to our families and communities. The secondary challenge is keeping the wheels of our economy and businesses turning. Decisions still need to be made, strategies and plans developed, and we still have to bring together groups for powerful, meaningful collaboration if we are to continue to deliver as best we can through turbulent times. In light of this, we thought we’d share five practices for conducting successful remote/digital workshops.

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After the event: How to get full value from your strategy workshop outcomes

March 17, 2020

Hard though it is, choreographing a great strategy workshop, with meaningful, compelling outcomes is only half the battle. The other half is doing something with them – committing to a series of interrelated next steps and getting them done. While it’s not hard to justify the dollar investment in your strategy workshop, it is important to get full value from the workshop outcomes.

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Five ideas for cascading strategy to your staff

December 3, 2019

Cascading strategy throughout your organisation is a key ingredient in successful strategy execution. Ensuring your organisation’s strategic objectives are clearly reflected in functional, geographic, and business-unit strategies, and explicitly linked to budgetary and performance is critical.

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