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Workshop Facilitation


How design thinking helps innovation

April 16, 2019

At Strategic Facilitators we are passionate about helping our clients build a culture of innovation within their organisations, and design thinking is one of the tools we use to help approach strategic problems and innovation from a different perspective.

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What does a workshop facilitator do, really?

What does a facilitator do, really?

March 23, 2018

This charming illustrated video, developed by International Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIFAC), uses simple language and charming illustrations to explain just what we facilitators do!

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External Facilitator

Are you getting full value from your external facilitator?  

March 16, 2016

Most large Australian organisations invest considerably in hiring external facilitators to help them run their workshops and offsites. But are they getting their money’s worth? So, what SHOULD great facilitators do?

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3 steps for creating and delivering an engaging presentation

October 7, 2015

Whether it be a presentation to colleagues or a board of directors, creating and delivering an engaging presentation that delivers a message that hits the mark, preparation, intention and some support here and there are key.

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External Strategy Facilitation

Special report: How Australian organisations can increase the value added by external facilitators

August 4, 2015

A study conducted by Strategic Facilitators has found that large Australian organisations are failing to get full value from facilitated meetings and workshops. Our research shows that while these organisations understand the value provided by external facilitators, they lose out on much of the potential benefit by using relatively unsophisticated selection and evaluation techniques.

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Ten reasons to use an external facilitator

July 23, 2015

Using an external facilitator is critical to the success of a workshop. Here are our 10 reasons why you should hire an external facilitator.

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strategy workshops

Ten key factors to running successful strategy workshops

June 17, 2015

We have facilitated scores of strategy workshops over the past 20 years. Drawing on our facilitators’ experience, we have put together our top ten key factors to running successful strategy workshops.

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A facilitator hosting a strategy workshop

The serendipities of workshops

May 12, 2015

At the end of our workshops, we frequently ask participants to share a reflection on the workshop and a parting thought for their colleagues. These comments (‘…that was the best conversation I’ve seen this board have in nine years in my role.’) are indicative of ‘side benefits’ of the workshops we facilitate; but I’m sure you’ll agree they are pretty substantive serendipities.

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workshop facilitation

Workshop facilitation: Get dramatically better outcomes from your next workshop

February 20, 2015

Do I need a facilitator or can I handle it internally? Executives often wonder if they can both orchestrate and participate in a workshop. As senior executives and facilitators, our experience tells us that this is difficult to achieve. Here we answer questions relating to the facilitation process and how a facilitator can help you get better outcomes from your next workshop or offsite

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Facilitation Services

Open space technology

February 10, 2015

Open space technology (OST) is a way to run workshops and conferences which leaves the agenda, session plans, and speakers entirely up to conference participants.

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