Ten key factors to running successful strategy workshops

We have facilitated scores of strategy workshops over the past 20 years. Drawing on our facilitators’ experience, we have put together our top ten key factors to running successful strategy workshops.


  1. Use the 7-Ps as a starting point

    Consider participants, purpose, process, product, preparation, place, pathway when preparing for your workshop.

  2. Over-invest

    Invest early in agenda setting and session planning.

  3. Run it like a project

    Have clear expected outcomes, strong governance, unambiguous scope, appropriate resources.

  4. Keep it simple

    Keep the process – if not the content – simple.

  5. Allow for an element of ‘open space’

    Don’t manage every minute of the agenda – allow enough time for free flowing, relevant conversations.

  6. Engage participants in the lead up

    How do they conceptualise the strategic challenge at hand, what frameworks do they favour? How can you prepare participants to make a meaningful, informed contribution?

  7. Set expectations prior to the day

    Set the workshop expectations in pre-reading/pre-work to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of how the day will progress and inputs required.

  8. Understand the value of data

    Undertaking robust analyses is critical for clients to build an evidence base and reference point when engaging in strategic discussions.

  9. Plan for a strong finish and follow-up

    What are the next steps? Who is responsible? How will we measure success?

  10. Engage a content-orientated facilitator

    A facilitator who understands strategy and has the ability to work with you to steer your thinking and ensure your best path forward is discovered is essential.


If you would like Strategic Facilitators to help you run a successful strategy offsite, contact Lauren Spiteri at lauren.spiteri@strategicfacilitators.com.au

Click here to download a PDF version of the ‘Ten key factors to running successful strategy workshops’