Strategy and planning

At Strategic Facilitators we’re about more than just expert workshop facilitation. Our team has more than 100 years of collectives experience in workshop facilitation and strategic planning and have facilitated more than 500 executive team and board workshops.

We help our clients with every aspect of their strategy and planning efforts including:

  • Corporate strategy development
  • Strategy management
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategy review

Typical questions we can help you address:

  • What is your organisation’s purpose and aspiration?
  • Is your strategy robust to external trends and events?
  • What priority initiatives does your organisation need to successfully implement next year?
  • What are your organisation’s ‘winning moves’?

Our typical six step approach to strategic workshops involves:

  1. Take the engagement brief and craft the high level agenda
  2. Build understanding and context
  3. Develop detailed session plans
  4. Create a fact-base and other stimuli
  5. Facilitate workshop
  6. Draft outcomes and provide a strategy document

What makes us distinctive:

Take the brief and craft the high level agenda

  • Capacity to turn the client’s aims for the workshop into a structured agenda in a way that reflects and adds value to what he or she has asked for​
  • Ability to craft an agenda that builds on the client’s existing strategy and plans​
  • Asking the right questions, listening for the important responses and rapidly processing information ​
  • Calling on a repository of typical agenda structures, relevant frameworks and other knowledge objects​
  • Being responsive

Building understanding and context

  • Deep listening in interviews​
  • Ability to draw insights from interviews and diagnostic/survey​
  • Calling on a repository of typical interview questions

Develop detailed session plans

  • The agenda structure​
  • Creative ideas about how to engage participants in stimulating ways​
  • Detailed running order​
  • Thinking of everything

Create a fact-base and other stimuli

  • Quality of design ​
  • Quality of data packs (top tier consulting firm standard)​
  • Consistency with client style requirements​
  • Succinctness of and value from pre-reading packs​
  • Clarity in participants’ minds—they will know what they are there to do and they will be ready for it

Facilitate workshop

  • Style and quality of the facilitation (experienced facilitators, strong and content-oriented facilitation)​
  • Checking in with the client​
  • Flexible approach to the agenda, but finishing on time

Draft outcomes and provide a strategy document

  • Strong finish​
  • Follow through after workshop so that the client is able to easily take action​

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What our clients say about us

Stuart and Julia were good and delivered on everything they said they would do. The workshop structure was well done and we got some key deliverables out of the morning. Stuart himself was well spoken and handled the room well. He grasped the solutions concept well and didn’t seem like a random facilitator that had no idea about white pages and its challenges.’

Executive, Sensis

‘All your hard work and preparation meant we were able to cover such a lot of ground. You were a terrific team to work with – so many thanks.’

Not-for-profit CEO

‘Your quality moderation and structuring of our Exec strategy day … brought another level of rigour and maturity to our planning process and put us in great shape’

Financial Services Executive

‘[You] were able to synthesise the issues and develop a format which succinctly addressed the gaps in my staff’s understanding of the need for change and provided a structure for them to identify solutions. Moreover, the pace of the day was such that staff remained highly engaged.’

GM government business

‘I would … like to … convey my thanks and appreciation for your contribution and facilitation of our strategic offsite; it was a very constructive and positive two days and really energised those in attendance.’

Healthcare COO