Facilitation Tools

What is key to a successful strategy workshop?

Case study: The Abbotsford Convent
According to Stuart Wilkinson at Strategic Facilitators, the key is the combination of facilitators who are experts in facilitation AND experts in strategy. This combination that will lead to you having the ‘best strategy session you have ever had’

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Workshop facilitation: Get dramatically better outcomes from your next workshop

Do I need a facilitator or can I handle it internally? Executives often wonder if they can both orchestrate and participate in a workshop. As senior executives and facilitators, our experience tells us that this is difficult to achieve. Here we answer questions relating to the facilitation process and how a facilitator can help you get better outcomes from your next workshop or offsite

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Open space technology

Open space technology (OST) is a way to run workshops and conferences which leaves the agenda, session plans, and speakers entirely up to conference participants.

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