Creating your vision

May 31, 2019

Getting started on vision discussions can be hard. At Strategic Facilitators we use these five techniques to help kick start vision discussions and stimulate new ideas.

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How design thinking helps innovation

April 16, 2019

At Strategic Facilitators we are passionate about helping our clients build a culture of innovation within their organisations, and design thinking is one of the tools we use to help approach strategic problems and innovation from a different perspective.

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Strategic thinking on whiteboard

Embracing strategic thinking as an essential component of your strategy and planning process

April 4, 2019

At Strategic Facilitators we encourage the Executive Teams and Boards we work with to embrace strategic thinking as an essential component of the strategy and planning process. Our approach is to seed these discussions with targeted strategic questions which we introduce at the beginning of strategy and planning processes.

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gallagher bassett logo

Gallagher Bassett

June 7, 2018

Customer centred design to deliver an intensive, fast-paced, innovation sprint for over 100 participants representing organisations operating in the emergency services sector.

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australian and new zealand intensive care society logo

Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society

April 12, 2018

Articulation of the organisation’s purpose and a new strategic intent to guide the organisation over the years ahead.

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real estate institute victoria logo

Real Estate Institute of Victoria

March 25, 2018

A new strategic direction to shape the future of the organisation.

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A workshop facilitator speaking at a strategy workshop

What does a facilitator do, really?

March 23, 2018

This charming illustrated video, developed by International Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIFAC), uses simple language and charming illustrations to explain just what we facilitators do!

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Invisalign logo

Invisalign Australia

February 22, 2018

Define the organisation’s five-year strategic direction, and plan how to effectively deliver their strategy.

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architects registration board victoria logo

Architects Registration Board of Victoria

February 7, 2018

During the ARBV board strategic planning day, articulate the organisation’s aspirations and goals for the upcoming year, including the development of a set of key initiatives and measures to enable ARBV to achieve its goals.

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Breville logo


December 20, 2017

Develop a measurement framework to evaluate the success of an internal team including the development of a unique ‘theory of measurement’ as well as a short list of targeted measures to provide a comprehensive appraisal of the department’s financial, environmental, social and operational performance.

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